About Us

Something & Sunday started as a pipe dream…..my sister and I dreaming big !

The name was thought up on a journey to one of our favourite family destinations for a weekend away. A little hideaway in Yorkshire where our family have been going since we were kids to relax, get some fresh air on woodland walks and huddle around a table with good food and wine. The problem we always faced was what to wear.  Same problem when you get home from work and put on what…pj’s? sports gear? old comfy clothes not fit to be seen by anyone beyond your four walls?! Hoping you don’t see anyone if you have to run out the house in your ‘comfy’ clothes.

The concept for Something & Sunday developed through a slightly less relaxing period in my life. As soon as I became pregnant with my first child, my life of social events and dining out were quickly exchanged for cosy nights on the sofa and takeaways! When Isaac was born, I then had no reason to dress smartly for work, spending many days dressing down. I was conscious that all my husband ever saw me in was shapeless joggers, leggings with bleach stains and baggy knees and a couple of old sweatshirts.   With the effects of sleep deprivation and a body that no longer looked or felt like my own the thought of wearing anything but “comfies” didn’t even cross my mind BUT I wanted to look and feel better. As a person who has always worked in fashion, feeling better about myself always came from new clothing or an accessory purchase so to the internet I went!  The replacement of the five year old hoody and joggers was not as easy as I thought, if I wanted something a bit more special/styled than the high street big hitters would sell and didn’t want a brand name emblazoned down the leg and across the chest or to break the bank. I was stuck!  Something and Sunday was born – I wanted comfortable clothes that were stylish, understated and most importantly comfy, but they had to feel a bit special and they had to co-ordinate easily because I didn’t have time to shop around.

I discussed the idea a lot with my sister, Caroline, and after taking a year out of her marketing job to travel and re-train she had the same issue as me looking for items to dress down in at home. When she graduated from Shillington Design College in New York we grabbed the bull by the horns and set to it!  Now or never.

The rest as they say is history, what you see in front of you now is a selection of clothing that we think is stylish, comfortable and, well, a little bit sexy!